Next Monthly meeting is April 13th at Orvis. Mary Ann Dozer will be presenting this evening.

March 9 Monthly Meeting

Please come and join our monthly meeting Wednesday March 9 at Orvis, Bridgeport Village 7:00pm Jeff Helfrich will be presenting on fishing the Rogue River.

February Monthly Meeting with TVTU at Lucky Lab-Multnomah 6:30pm

Our monthly meeting in February will be our annual joint meeting with TVTU at Lucky Lab in Multnomah Village. Rick Hafele will present on the Four Seasons of Fly Fishing. A silent auction will also be included in the night’s festivities.

February Monthly Meeting with TVTU at Lucky Lab-Multnomah February 10th 6:30pm

Our next monthly meeting will be our annual joint meeting with Tualatin Valley Trout Unlimited at the Lucky Lab in Multhomah. Rick Hafele will be presenting on The Four Seasons of Fly fishing. This fun filled night will include a silent auction.

Fly Shop Hop January 9th, 2016

Come join us on the Fly Shop Hop on January 9th. We start at River City fly shop and proceed during the day to 5 other fly shops. This is a great way to network with the Washington County Flyfishing Club, our fly fishing vendors, and other Stonefly Maiden members. It is always a great day.

Our first meeting of the year will be at Orvis on January 13th. Brian Marz, Orvis Fishing Manager, will be our guest presenter. Brian will be sharing some good knots to know for fishing. Looking forward to our first meeting of the year.
Come join us!

Annual SFM Christmas party is Wednesday December 9th.

Please check your November SFM newsletter for time and location. The location is at a restaurant in Portland. Do not forget to bring a wrapped gift ($15.00 value or less) for our gift exchange.

Any questions, please concact

“Timing the Salmon” by Bernie Taylor October 14th 2015

Come here Bernie Taylor present “Timing of the Salmon” at our monthly meeting October 14th, 2015. Bernie is a widely traveled lecturer and writer whose work has appeared in angling and popular magazines, and academic journals in more than a dozen countries. Bernie has found that all plants and animals have their own sense of timing. In his presentation, Bernie shows that the salmon have precisely timed movements, and that critical events such as spawning can be calculated to almost the day. The presentation goes beyond the right flies and tackle, delivering an extraordinary perspective on how these animals navigate time and space.

Fall River Outing September 2015

The SFM outing in September was to the Fall River again.   The weather was warm and the sun gods were with us. The aspen trees along the banks were in full Fall colors. The fish were staying fairly deep and not many were rising. Nine women were on this trip. Five fish were caught. It was great fun.  The Saturday night dinner was awesome with spaghetti, caprese salad, garlic bread and a wonderful carrot cake.  Thanks to all that came and made this a memorable weekend.

Lisa E present “What’s ON my line”

What a great presentation by our own Lisa E at our September monthly meeting. Members got to be “guest flies” and the audience had to guess what fly they were. Willa was a ‘natural’. her wings were not upright and she was not part of the Stonefly family. She was a Salmon Fly.
Susan U was “an artificial”. With that said, she was a nymph;a general attractor.; a bead head and…………. she was a Wooly Bugger.
Christine B was an “artificial”. She was not an emerger; she was subsurface; she had no wings; she was weighted and…….she was a Copper John.
It was a very fun, educational meeting and thank you to our guest presenter, Lisa E.